6 Unique Ways to Save Retirement Funds

4–Apr29 – X Unique Ways to Save Retirement Funds – Blog

How are you with setting aside retirement funds for your future? As a follow-up from our previous post, 3 More Ways to Make Sure You are Ready for Retirement, we’d like to focus more on how you and other readers can save more money for the future. But to spice things up, we’d like to suggest some unique and creative ways to build up your retirement funds!

We hope that through this approach, more people (especially those in the baby boom generation) will get a chance to experience prosperous and better golden years. After all, everyone deserves only the best during retirement!

More Income Streams Mean More Retirement Funds

According to a Business Insider article, most individuals need to change their perspective on how to set aside money for their future. And a common mistake or financial pitfall that some fall into is putting too much of a priority in saving, and not on earning. Of course, there is definitely nothing wrong prioritizing the act of saving. But considering other ways to make more money is a definite help in having a secure financial state for the future.

In fact, a common denominator among some of the most successful millionaires today is that they have multiple streams of income. From investments to creating different businesses, having multiple sources of revenue also grants some much-needed peace of mind in attaining the future that one desires. So if you’re relying on a sole income through a steady paycheck, you may now want to consider other options!

Integrate the Use of Technology

Another good way to secure retirement funds is by making use of smartphone and mobile devices’ apps or programs to help you streamline the way you save money. And there definitely is an app that’ll cater to almost any financial need. A Lifehack article highlighted several examples; from financial management, shopping/payment gates, receipt scans/consolidation, and discounts/promos, securing a nest egg can be done from the convenience of your smartphone or computer!

Boost Retirement Funds with Green Energy

Did you know that giving back to Mother Nature can also help you secure some retirement funds? As suggested by Investopedia, tax breaks can be utilized by investing in renewable energy like solar panels. Additionally, saving on water and power consumption results in long-term savings – perfect for setting aside additional cash for the golden years!

Grow Your Own Food

Related to the point above, consider as well to grow your own fruits and vegetables! The many benefits you can get from this simple activity are:


Consider just how much money you can save from not buying your meals elsewhere!


Speaking about multiple sources of income, you may earn some by selling your produce.


Go natural and expect a healthier you – just in time for the golden years!


Planting can be a therapeutic activity for boomers to pursue. Thumbs up for your Green Thumb!

A Buddy System to Motivate You

No matter how efficient you think you are in managing your finances, consulting and asking help from friends and experts alike will allow you a more flexible money-saving experience. As such, give yourself the advantage by discussing the way you approach your retirement planning with family and your closest friends. Doing so may allow you some insight on aspects that you may have missed out or help you learn new strategies to implement. Additionally, taking the time to consult with financial experts and insurance agents will help you know more about the various retirement solutions that are available for your situation. But best of all, speaking up and listening to what other individuals have to say can also serve as a motivational tool to help you achieve what you’ve set out to do.

Find Alternative Ways to Learn About Retirement Solutions

Lastly, find other means to understand retirement essentials. We know that learning about retirement solutions such as Medicare Supplemental Plans can be a chore, but there are different ways to tackle these policies. From agent videos on Medicare Supplements topics to infographics such as the one from Understanding Medigap with the FreeMedSuppQuotes Checklist, these alternative methods may offer an easier take on comprehending something complex.

Do you have other unique ways to secure retirement funds? Share it with us below! Also, we do hope that the tips we’ve suggested above will help you attain the future you’ve always desired. Do know that we’re always here to help out. Stay true to yourself and grab the many opportunities to have a brighter tomorrow!