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Everyday Things and Activities that Can Help You Save More Money

Ever wondered why you always seem to be short of cash no matter how hard you try to save? When it comes to saving money, you don’t need to drastically starve yourself nor totally avoid the mall or any sort of comfort for yourself. Actually, you can just start looking at the everyday things around


How to Set your Financial Priorities

The first step in financial planning, setting your priorities, is the hardest, since it’s where you need to carefully evaluate your goals in life so you can go about achieving them. Often, you’d be caught up in wanting three or more things at the same time, yet only a couple of them are really feasible


Top 5 Free Financial Planning Tools

In today’s economy, managing money is no longer a simple arithmetic exercise. With mortgages, insurance, investments and other financial concerns, it’s tough to figure out your footing so you can keep yourself stable. That’s where financial planning tools come in. Below are the top five free tools you can find online to help you in