Living a Simple Life: Motivational Tools to Consider this New Year

Want some simple yet effective retirement lifehacks? We at Blog Financial compile a short list of acts, often associated with living a simple life, which you can do to transform your twilight years into the most wonderful period in your life. Consider these tips as a way to start 2017 right!

Please let us know if you have other tips that can be part of this list. The best advice comes from experts. Who else but you, our readers who experience how and what retirement planning is, can provide essential information, right? Please share your thoughts and inputs in the comment section below!

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Did you know that “living a simple life,” or aspiring to live one, is beneficial on how you plan for your future? Of course, “simplicity” may be a subjective topic to tackle. But for this particular article, we’re aiming for the thought of some of the most simplest activities, those that are often overlooked from the far more “important” advice (such as investing, saving money, etc.).

We’re talking about these small details, when and if done properly, can make a big difference when it comes to planning for your future.  After all, starting small – even with these simple adjustments – can lead to a significant and profound change in your retirement years.

What You Eat Matters

Stick with us on this. Do you know what makes a good day different from a catastrophe? It’s food. Think about it: more often than not, you would know you’ll have an amazing day if you’ve had an incredible breakfast! Baby boomers, particularly, will greatly benefit from making some simple food adjustments. Switching over to natural food choices over sugary or processed food can uplift one’s mood. Not to mention, healthier food choices mean more opportunities to accomplish in any given day – just how the golden years are meant to be lived!

Role Models to Look Up To

We’ve all had our ups and downs. Even for retirement planning, news on price hikes and the rising cost of care can put a dent in our plans. Which is why looking towards role models is a good way to get over the dumps. From your favorite actors to musicians, having someone to look up to will help you motivate to get things done – you deserve some good news and inspiration in your life. Plus points for having a role model actively preparing (or has prepared) his or her retirement. In a way, looking up to his person can give you an idea on how you can approach retirement in a positive and efficient manner.

Medicare Supplement Plan F for Total Coverage

Focus on living a simple life by getting insurance that will cover unexpected and expensive medical bills. Medicare Supplement Plan F, considered as the most comprehensive among the ten standardized Medigap plans, provides optimum coverage perfect for individuals who opt for a secured and practical future. Depending on one’s circumstances, a Medicare Supplement Plan F policyholder may save up to $1million in medical bills. Additionally, foreign travel coverage assures individuals that medical assistance is available even on foreign soil.

Motivating yourself to have a simple life is possible. You just need to notice the little changes you can make as early as today! We hope that the tips above can help you achieve in attaining the retirement years that you deserve. Good luck and stay happy!